Ragini MMS is a very scary movie. More scary than any of the movies in the last two decades from the Bollywood Machinery. All the shots are taken as if in real time - nothing seems unreal - and that's the most scary part. Ragini and Uday go out for having fun with each other on the weekend to a Farmhouse on the outskirts of Mumbai. The house is planted with lots of cameras and a lot of scary supernatural activity happening there. As the sun goes down - the new entrants of the house are in a fix.

The movie is a hit, grossing 45 million in first weekend itself. Ragini MMS, is a mix of fact and fiction and has very realistic touch to it.

Warning: Do not watch Ragini MMS thinking that you will enjoy the sensuous moments and be alone in the house in the night. You might not get proper sleep - it is that good scary movie.

The movie Ragini MMS was released on Friday the 13th May, 2011

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